All our pieces are multi-sized, meaning they all stretch in some way. This allows each garment to fit no matter your body shape. All our size inclusive fashion garments are designed to flatter the contours of your body.

You should see your size in more than one category, and for a good reason. This allows you to choose your fit! Some of us prefer a more relaxed style, and others love to show off our curves in more fitted designs. If you would like a more fitted style, we recommend purchasing the smaller of the two and vice versa for a relaxed fit.


All our pieces will look differently on different people. Not only do we accept this, but we encourage it. Show off your differences and celebrate what makes you, YOU!

If you do not see your size in our list, or are unsure on which size to purchase, please do not hesitate to contact our team.


We offer minor alterations to all our styles at no extra cost. Our design team can easily create a piece bespoke to your measurements, we all deserve to feel and look beautiful in EROSA!